Bdo Debit Card Agreement

16.2.1 To protect the account holder from adverse incidents, the account holder must: (a) sign the card as soon as it is received;b) keep the card in a safe place and treat it with care, as if it were cash;c) make sure the card is returned by the merchant immediately after a transaction;(d) If the card is received, memorize the PIN code and destroy the notification; (e) Make sure the PIN is not seen/read by anyone else if it is used in the presence of others; (f) Regularly change the PIN code; (g) If the PIN is seen or seen by another person, change immediately; (h) Note or hold the PIN on or near the card; (i) do not share the PIN; so that anyone else can use the card or PIN. (j) PayMaya will never ask for your PIN; (k) In order (i) to fully comply with and comply with the terms of use of the card, and (ii) laws, statutes and regulations and GNP circulars relating to electronic money (l) the account holder is responsible for providing correct, up-to-date and accurate information so that PayMaya can process the transaction. PayMaya depends exclusively on the information provided by the account holder, all losses or damages incurred by the error, error or incorrect charge/credit in the transaction as a result of the information provided are the responsibility of the account holder. (m) All transactions made through the service are clearly required by the account holder, and therefore the account holder is responsible for them. The account holder has the option to use his PIN/password from time to time or if he suspects the possibility of unauthorized use of the current or future account. 17.3.8 Unauthorized theft or use of the PayMaya account or PayMaya card, loss, cost, damage or liability by the account holder to third parties. 4.2 You pay all obligations, fees and overdrafts that may be taxed based on the service you have used. PayMaya has the right to deduct from your PayMaya account any funds that may be due and required by PayMaya. In the event that the account holder`s transaction amount exceeds the balance available on his PayMaya account (“overdraft”) and the transaction has been authorized or completed for any reason, PayMaya has the right to debit the overdraft from the account holder`s PayMaya account as compensation. If the amount in the PayMaya account is not enough to pay some or all of the overdraft, PayMaya has the right to withdraw the overdraft of other accounts from the account holder with PayMaya or to ask the holder to charge his PayMaya account to pay for the overdraft.

Non-payment of the overdraft after delivery will allow PayMaya to suspend or close the account. 1. Through the visit and/or use of the Services, you accept these conditions and accept, confirm and guarantee that there is no agency, partnership, joint venture, employer, employer, licensee or franchise relationship between you and PayMaya. 9.3 Fees and other fees, as applicable, include all applicable Philippine taxes and are deducted or paid in advance from the account holder`s PayMaya account. 8. You agree that by providing your personal data for the purposes of using the Service, you expressly agree to the processing of personal data provided for the purpose of creating and maintaining your account. This authorization includes permission given to PayMaya to disclose, exchange and disclose this information to its employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, executives, employees, agents, lawyers and other consultants, prepaid/debit/credit offices or to persons such as PayMaya who consider it necessary or as required by law, regulation or law.