C2C Rail Franchise Agreement

In February 2017, National Express sold the franchise to Italian operator Trenitalia. This marked Trenitalia`s first excursion into the British rail market and the end of an era for National Express. Having operated the French railways in the United Kingdom since its privatization in 1996, it was the only remaining operation. However, the company has not ruled out applying for future franchises. Under the c2c franchise, it is mandatory to publish a customer report outs setting out the promises it has made for the franchise. In the fall of 2014, we conducted research to obtain information from passengers about these reports and to understand how well they are meeting their expectations. You can read a summary of the results and view a copy of the c2c client report and the research presentation. Manuel Cortes, general secretary of the TSSA union, said: “Once again, the government is getting into the grass, what to do with our railways, and instead of taking the nettle, it is opting for transitional measures that support the status quo. The system was broken long before the coronavirus arrived, but the pandemic completely highlighted its many weaknesses. We were pleased that the new franchise offering is committed to providing more punctual service and additional capabilities, both of which are high priorities for passenger improvement. Other initiatives that passengers will welcome will include personalized travel information and reports, as well as an automatic system for compensation for delays of more than two minutes. The passenger experience is also directly reflected in the contract, which contains objectives for the National Rail Passenger Survey`s satisfaction ratings for stations, trains and customer service.

Secretary General Mick Whelan said: “We don`t want to change the cliff during a pandemic. We want to ensure that our members continue to be paid for their work. Public ownership of British railways is a long-term strategic objective, but for now, during this coronavirus crisis, the expansion of EMAs is a pragmatic solution to the industry`s problems. The London franchise, Tilbury and Southend, was scheduled to begin in February 1996, but after ticketing and billing irregularities were discovered within a few hours of the scheduled discount with preferred bidder Enterprise Rail, it was again tendered. [3] [5] If the amount of the termination of a TOC is not agreed by mid-December, DfT has the right to terminate this ERMA prematurely, with the OCD returning from mid-January 2021 to the essentials of all existing franchise conditions.