Leave And License Agreement Faqs

Years: The only difference is the type of process (online and offline), there is no difference in terms of legal value. In the online process, the parties submit the agreement smoothly and the agreement will then be submitted to the under-registration authority for approval. As part of the offline process, the parties personally submit the agreement in a hard form by visiting the under-registration site. [/expand] 1) What is e-registration of vacation and licensing contracts? E-Registration is a new establishment of the Maharashtra government to register your holiday and license (rental) agreement online without visiting the registrar`s office. Signatures are recorded using biometric devices and user data is verified with the Aadhaar system. 2) What is the advantage of e-registration? E-registration is a 24X7 service. The public can submit the document to the government at any time from anywhere. 3) What is the role of Anulom.com? Anulom.com is an intermediary for e-registration. Anulom.com will assist the public in using the E-Registration and will assume responsibility for it until the document is registered with the government. Anulom offers a gateway service for e-registration. After the online vacation and the preparation of the license is completed by Anulom.com.A Anulom.com manager will visit the customer space with the biometric registration kit needed to complete the Aadhaar verification.

Click here to learn more The registered agreement can last 60 months. It is therefore advantageous, in terms of costs and time, for parties to choose a longer term. To understand this, we need to divide costs into three parts, for example. B government stamp duty, government registration fees and fees for service providers. If the parties choose a longer period, there will be an increase in the purely public stamp duty. For example, suppose that if an agreement is reached for 11 months and the state stamp duty is equal to Rs. 300 government registration fees are Rs. 1000 – the service provider fee is Rs. 1500, the total cost is Rs. 2800. Now, the same agreement can be executed for a period of 22 months and the total cost will be Rs.

3100 My current leave contract – license agreement expires next month. Can I use your services to renew the contract? If so, how will the process be different from the new registration? In order to facilitate the leave registration process and licensing agreement, the Maharashtra government recently concluded with e-registration of leave and licensing agreements. This allows the registration of leave and the license agreement at the licensee`s door. Citizens can prepare the agreement in line with the models provided by the department and pay stamp duty and registration fees online.