Nh Collective Bargaining Agreements

The passage of House Bill 1127, which came into effect on August 5, 2008, opens up new opportunities for small groups of workers to become part of certified collective agreement units. The new law amends RSA 273-A:8 to allow public employers to recognize, on a purely voluntary basis, a bargaining unit with fewer than ten members. Subject to the approval of the governing body, the PELRB may certify a three-person bargaining unit only through a “card cheque” or a supervised election. The parties must determine, at least thirty (30) days before the expiry of the contract, whether to be a member of a bargaining unit. The fees, which set membership of 50% or more of the association, will come into effect on the first pay day following July 1 of the same year and will continue for the duration of the contract regardless of a change in the percentage of affiliation in those units. 10.5. Payment of annual leave: in the event of the resignation, retirement or dismissal of a worker in the collective agreement unit, he receives an amount equal to the number of days of annual leave remaining in his balance, provided that one or all amounts can be claimed as compensation for the sums outstanding by the worker. In the event of the death of a worker in the bargaining unit, an amount equal to the number of days of annual leave remaining is paid at the salary. This provision requires public employers to fully maintain an expired collective agreement and to enter into force beyond the expiry date and until an estate agreement is reached. The provision has generally been interpreted as the requirement for employers to grant time increases after the contract expires; However, employers would not be required to provide general increases in the cost of living. 21.5. Reopening: If the employer agrees to grant a general increase in wages, accepts another draft health plan or contributes less to the health plan schedules during the duration of this contract with any other bargaining unit, the parties resume negotiations within thirty (30) days of the association`s written request to request this request for reopening.