Sample Referral Partner Agreement

This Recommendation Partnership Agreement is intended to be used in situations where an e-commerce website wants to increase revenue by allowing other websites to send customer reviews against a commission on sales generated by these recommendations. The document follows the same structure as affiliate agreements and affiliate terms and conditions. Unlike affiliate documents that provide goods or services, this document is suitable for both. 3.1 Referral procedure. Each recommendation is returned by Ringlead by the partner via an online form that Ringlead has made available to the partner of, which the partner must complete completely and submit Ringlead (“recommendation form”). After receiving each referral form, Ringlead sends an email to the reference address indicated in the recommendation form, describing the steps of registration to receive Ringlead solutions and become a qualified recommendation. Ringlead is responsible for the all-reference sales process, subject to the parties` ongoing cooperation in promoting the sale process to Referral. We have developed a model for the Development Partnership Partnership Agreements to develop a formalized recommendation agreement between your company and partner organizations. As a word file, this 13-page template agreement is written in formal legal language, in which recommendation commissions and payment plans are listed, as well as a lead registration form. 2. Referral plan.

After the effective date of this Agreement, the Affiliate may, from time to time, refer potential customers to the company. The company pays a fee to the affiliate for these recommendations. 5.10 Full agreement; Salvatorische. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and the respective obligations and obligations of the parties. No other oral or written document or agreement between the parties in any way reflects the provisions of this agreement. Wherever possible, any provision of this Agreement is construed as effective and valid under existing legislation, but if a provision of this agreement is prohibited by existing legislation or is not applicable under existing legislation, that provision is null and void only to the extent that the prohibition or disability is applicable, without nullulation the rest of that provision or other provisions of this agreement. 3.2 (i) Recommendation fees. When a recommendation becomes a qualified recommendation, Ringlead partner pays a late transfer fee over Schedule B (no discounts) to be paid by the qualified recommendation in accordance with its initial order in accordance with the executive contract for the first year of the associated subscription (“Recommendation Fee”). For first orders with subscription terms of more than one (1) year, the recommendation fee to be paid for the first year is set in proportion to the subscription fee to be paid according to the initial order. For clarity, the partner receives only a referral fee for the initial designation of a qualified recommendation, and the referral fee is due and may be payable for up to one year from the date of the qualified recommendation request. These transfer fees are paid to Ringlead and paid to the partner within 30 days of the end of the calendar quarter in which the subscription fee for these qualified recommendations is paid to Ringlead. If a qualified recommendation terminates the solutions a year after the hijacking, the partner will receive only a proportional portion of the referral fee for the year compared to the subscription fee paid by Qualified Referral to Ringlead.

The percentage of the referral fee for a qualified recommendation is calculated at the time of payment on the basis of the projected annual turnover (“ARR”) of eligible transfer fees.