T32 Payback Agreement Form

National Research Service Award Payback Center Division of Loan Repayment OER/OD/NIH 6700B Rockledge Drive, Suite 2300 Bethesda, MD 20892 866/298-9371 efax:301/451-5702 Nrsapaybackcenter@mail.nih.gov However, Owen was very uncomfortable arriving at his new institution. Until then, he only cared for the teacher. Human resources gave him a slice of papers that he had to sign. Among them was the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Payback Agreement. To his surprise, Owen learned that the funding for his position was not, as he had assumed, come from one of the professor`s fellowships, but from an NRSA institutional training grant. Postdocs finances in this way, he read to his horror, “a depreciation bond… for the first 12 months” of their positions. In other words, they must repay all the money they receive in the first year, either through authorized work or cash.

Owen didn`t know that a post-doc appointment could include such an expensive booby trap. He had never heard of a job asking you to pay back your salary. But he now understands that future post-docs cannot depend on the professors who hire them to provide complete information on the positions they offer and that the cost of ignorance of depreciation requirements can be very high. Until NIH demands that these committed post-docs clarify the conditions of their position, Owen invites all young scientists to learn from his experience. They must, he advises, request and ensure that they receive complete information about the source of funding that supports their work and all the commitments that can be made. Only post-docs: In addition to online documentation, you must submit to NIH a signed print version of your NRSA payment contract. The T32 program collects and transmits forms on behalf of interns to maintain a compliance record. Please read the instructions, download phS 6031 and complete it, sign it and mail it to Carol Burleson, or drop it off in your Otolaryngology Office in Health Sciences BB1165 mailbox.

Please note that the form cannot be submitted by email, as NIH only accepts a printed copy with an original signature. The NRSA Payback Service Center manages the amortization requirements for Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Prices (NRSA). NRSA legislation requires post-docctors to “remancent” the U.S. government by participating in biomedical or behavioral health-related research. These include direct management or verification of health research, health education or the combination of these activities. Postdoctoral fellows must begin acceptable amortization activities within two years of termination. Postdoctoral fellows who are unable to perform a damping service at Diemaus may require that their debts be repaid financially. Extensions of the implementation of the amortization service, as well as repayment deferrals and waiver declarations, are granted in certain circumstances and circumstances. NiH does not have the authority to waive or remove the SRA`s amortization requirements, as requested by the RNA`s enabling status. Only Congress can change that.

After being placed in the T32 training grant, the postdoctoral fellows agreed to reimburse the Federal Union for the first 12 months of assistance through 12 months of health research. Interns must submit the Annual Amortization Activity Certification (APAC) after each 12-month amortization period until your commitment is met. The scholarships are distributed monthly and deposited directly into the person`s bank account. To make a direct payment to the SDSU Research Foundation, the direct payment authorization form must be faxed or mailed (un scanned) with the requested account extract or the cancelled cheque to the SDSU Research Foundation.